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Hailun HG-178 5'10" Grand Piano

Updated: Feb 13, 2022

Why it continues to be a top seller

The HG-178 is one of the world's best-selling grand pianos. Its tonal depth and resonance have won it a Dealer's Choice Award Twice and it's plain to see why.

Modern building, classic engineering

Hailun's famous Performance Plus Action creates great playability. Combined with wet san-casting for warm tone and superior German Röslau piano wire, a 18 ply quarter sawn maple pin block, Abel hammers, and Du-Plex scaling this piano truly delivers on features and quality. Add in elegant touches like the laminates maple rim featuring a bird's eye maple inner layer and Hailun's Limb Protector System that keeps the lid from closing quickly and injuring someone and this is a great instrument with a high value per dollar.

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