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Whether you're buying a piano for an elementary classroom, replacing college practice room pianos, or looking for a concert grand for a university performance hall - all educational sales are important. 
We aim to enrich the lives and musical experience of music students and educators with the best quality pianos in Silicon Valley and the Bay area.
We will work within budgets, donor provided funding, and fundraising goals.


Colleges, universities, high schools, middle schools, elementary schools - pianos are the one musical instrument used by all schools. Here at Colton Piano, we have a long history of working with local schools and universities who want to purchase quality pianos.


We are able to provide quotes for school boards, donor organizations, and outside donors. We know larger purchases often require multiple sources of financing such as these, and we're willing to work within your budget to help find the right pianos for your needs.


When you visit our friendly staff at our San Jose piano store, you'll be in the hands of our experts and they're here to help you find the best piano for you. Finding the best piano to learn on is a different journey than upgrading to your dream piano. Rest assured that our staff will help you navigate through the many types of pianos including grand pianosupright pianos, and digital pianos - and we'll help you determine which piano is right for you.


Here at Colton, it's always been our goal to provide the best quality pianos in Silicon Valley. At our San Jose piano store, you'll find only the best staff and service for the best piano brands.


We offer Schimmel PianosBaldwin PianosRoland digital pianos, and more. We believe these alternatives to the common "go-to brands" provide greater tone and value, and encourage you to consider them for your next purchase.

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