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Baldwin Pianos

Why buy a Baldwin Piano

Baldwin Pianos have a long history as one of the finest piano brands. Known the world over, the company began in 1862 in Cincinnati, Ohio and has become known the world over for time tested quality and craftsmanship. Baldwin has been in business for over 150 years, and is one of the only brands to make pianos at every level.

Known for their big "American" sound, Baldwin pianos have been embraced the world over. This is due to their scale design, the quality of parts used in manufacturing, and innovation like including the exact shape of the sound boards, the placement of the bridges and ribs, the length of the strings and the thickness of the rims and bracing. Perhaps their most important innovation are the  Accu-just hitchpins and Synchro-tone bass strings used on ArtistGrands.

Come try one of the many Baldwin pianos in stock here at Colton Piano Gallery today.

Key models
BP178 5'10" Baby Grand in High Polish Ebony
B-243 47" Studio in Walnut Satin (or Ebony Satin)

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