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Hailun Pianos

Modern building meets classic engineering

From their 430,000 square foot factory in China, Hailun uses modern Japanese and German digital building techniques coupled with traditional engineering from Vienna to become the standard for Asian-built pianos.  With nearly 500 dealers across Europe, Asia, and the US, Hailun is truly a global brand. Founded and owned by a husband and wife team who met in piano school, Hailun has been making pianos for 20 years, and learning to build better more consistently excellent instruments along the way.


Hailun's HG-178 grand piano is one of the world's best-selling grand pianos. Featuring wet sand casting, Hailun's "Performance Plus Design Action" and high end piano wire, Hailun has brought high end features to this great instrument. Their specially designed lid closure system allows the lid to be opened and closed with little effort, resulting in greater safety and less work lifting heavy lids. This feature is available exclusively on Hailun pianos.

The famous Hailun HU-5P is a powerful studio piano featuring cold-pressed hammers, excellent tuning and action stability thanks to the exclusive PAS Keyboard Stability System, and a balanced colorful tone.


Looking for a used piano, be it an upright or grand piano? We can help with that too!

Key models
HG-178 5'10" Professional Living Room Grand in Ebony Polish
 HU-5P 50" Professional Upright in Ebony Polish
Hailun HU5P.png

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