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Upright Pianos

Smaller in size, full piano sound

Upright pianos have long been a mainstay in schools, homes, and houses of worship the world over. Their smaller size makes them easier to fit in many locations, but that doesn't have to mean a smaller sound. Upright pianos have a full rich sound of their own, and long history of excellence. The key action on an upright piano is designed differently and works much the same as a grand piano, but vertically as the strings run up and down across the sound board. This is how uprights are able to fit in a much smaller form factor than grand pianos.

Upright pianos are a great investment, and a wonderful way to bring a piano into your home, school, or House of Worship. 

We rate grand pianos using our exclusive 5-point rating system developed by Bernie Cappichiano based on his many years of testing, experience, and knowledge.

Check out our page of buying tips to determine the best piano for you. Come see one of our friendly piano sales specialists today, and we'll be happy to show you the features and differences in the upright pianos at our San Jose showroom. 


Looking for a used piano for sale? We can help with those too!


Here are Colton Piano Gallery, we feature a wide selection of top selling upright pianos to suit your needs and budget

Key models
Hailun HU5P.png
Hailun HG-178 5'10" Professional Living Room Grand in Ebony Polish
Schimmel C120EM 48" Classic Upright in Ebony Polish
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