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Grand Pianos

Setting the standard

Grand pianos are are the standard by which all other pianos are measured. They are big and bold and will inspire pianists and music listeners alike. Grand pianos characterized by their physical size as well as the volume the produce. Because they have a longer body length than upright pianos, typically 6 to 9 feet, grand pianos have longer strings, allowing them to produce far more volume than an upright.

A larger soundboard and the body of the piano great a more resonant sound, and because the soundboard is pointed up, instead of backward at a wall, the sound fills a room. They also feature a better touch, because they have gravity on their side.

Grand pianos are preferred by soloists, performance halls, orchestras, and many artists. Because of their size, they do require more space.

We rate grand pianos using our exclusive 5-point rating system developed by Bernie Cappichiano based on his many years of testing, experience, and knowledge.

Check out our page of buying tips to determine the best piano for you. Come see one of our friendly piano sales specialists today, and we'll be happy to show you the features and differences in the upright pianos at our San Jose showroom. 


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Here at Colton Piano Gallery, we feature a wide selection of top selling grand pianos to suit your needs and budget

Key models
Schimmel K175T 5'9" Konzert Living Room Grand in Ebony Polish
Sauter Omega 220_edited.png
Sauter Omega 220 7'3" Semi-Concert Grand in Ebony Polish

See our selection of grand pianos from  Schimmel, Baldwin, Hailun, Broadmann, and Hallet Davis Signature Collection.

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