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Sauter Pianos

Handcrafted in Germany for six generations

Since 1819 in the southernmost part of Germany where the Alps begin, the Sauter family have been making pianos for six generations. Known for their amazing lush full tone and their high quality materials, Sauter uses solid Bavarian spruce soundboards and beech pinblocks that have been tempered for all climates, and reinforces the keybed with steel to further prevent warping. Sauter is known for using high end exotic woods such as real ebony, burled walnut, and pyramid mahogany in the construction of their cabinets. They're also known for their detailed inlay work and ability to customize to the most exacting customer specifications. These are some of the finest pianos in the world, and we have them here at Colton Piano Gallery.

Key models
Competence 130 51" Upright in Ebony Polish
Omega 220 7'3" Semi-Concert Grand in Ebony Polish

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