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Finding The Right Piano For Your Space

How to decide which piano fits best for your home.

Along with setting your budget, one of the key factors in deciding what style of piano is right for you is determining the space you have to allocate for a piano. The space you live in is equally a factor, as is where the space is in your home and how that space is utilized by yourself and others.

Consider the size of the space

If you have a large living space and wish to feature your piano as a focal point, a grand piano is a wonderful choice. A grand piano can be a great conversation starter for guests and will lead to spontaneous playing as you enjoy the immersive sound filling your room as only a grand piano does.

In a study or bonus room that's a designated practice area, an upright piano or digital piano is likely a great choice. Because they save space and can be out of the way, these options can be perfect for small to medium size rooms.

Consider the use of the space

If you're fitting a piano into a living space, you may want to consider traffic and common uses for the space. If it's a high traffic area a grand piano may be a more challenging fit than an upright piano.

If your piano will be in a family room-type area where others may need to work or entertain, a digital piano may be a great solution as they give the ability to practice at lower volumes or with headphones on.

If the primary focus of the space is entertaining and featuring the piano, a grand piano may be the perfect choice.

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